Michelle is a keynote speaker on all aspects of high-performance. Her most popular topics are currently:



There is solid evidence that improved happiness leads to improved performance at work. So what can we do to be happier? What are the habits you can do daily that are proven to make the biggest difference to your happiness? And how do you make them happen?

Why you should keep your dreams….tiny

We are all taught to dream big, reach for the stars and believe in the impossible. And that’s great. Until you actually want to get started and change your behaviour. Then, you should keep your dreams tiny. The science of tiny habits, out of Stanford University, shows us how.

Leaders with Longevity – how to be one

Those peak performers who are at the top of their game for decades – how do they do it? How do they keep it up for so long? What are the routines, the mindsets and the skillsets that they develop and hone to allow themselves to be peak performers? Learn their lessons of longevity.

Michelle has limited availability as a media commentator and interviewee… but she loves to talk all things high-performance, so for enquiries, please get in touch.

“I had the pleasure of hosting Michelle as a guest speaker at a client event this year – through a thorough briefing process she was able to tailor a keynote presentation for us that resonated with attendees and met our event objectives. Her delivery on the night was professional, credible and relevant – and the suitable reference to Beyoncé garnered much laughter!”
– Senior Events Manager, King & Wood Mallesons



We are constantly being asked to do more with less. We want unlimited results but we have limited resources. How do we optimise our use of our three limited resources (time, energy and emotion), so that we can maximise our results? That’s where these training sessions focus.

You can find all of Michelle’s training offerings at the website of her training company, People of Influence.



Michelle’s experience as an executive coach ranges from CEOs wanting to increase their impact, to new managers struggling to manage new demands. Results-driven, insightful and empathetic, Michelle brings her understanding of both behaviour science and the realities of corporate environments to busy leaders who want to be elite.

“Michelle is a fantastic coach! I can’t recommend her highly enough.The advice Michelle gave me was practical, insightful and valuable and has greatly assisted in my approach to things. She is always a pleasure to work with. Thanks Michelle!”

– Manager at The GPT Group

Bespoke programs

Michelle is regularly commissioned to design and develop bespoke programs. She usually does this in partnership with People of Influence.

Here are a few examples.


For our long-term client’s 2017 kick-off of their top 500 people at their Asia-Pacific HQ, we were commissioned to custom-build a development session on adaptive leadership that could be delivered at scale. The focus was on driving change through complexity, stress and resistance and the personal resources to thrive in this intense time.


We were commissioned to design and deliver a 7-episode blended learning program on Wellbeing. The experiential learning pilot program included all aspects of wellbeing and was so successful that an online version was developed, so that it could be accessed by all 30,000 employees. I consulted on the design of the online version.


Our client’s senior leadership of HR across Asia commissioned us to create a program for all of the Asia HR leaders, that could provide fresh thinking for an experienced group who had ‘seen it all before.’ The program utilised tools and insights from psychology (such as growth mindset) and neuroscience (such as the role of threat).

“Michelle did a fantastic job of really understanding our needs and building a bespoke program for that focused on the key areas that we were looking to drive. This was very well received by the leadership team and through the follow up process has now become embedded in our business. I would have no hesitation recommending Michelle.”

– APAC Regional Managing Director, Morgan McKinley

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